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Book Club FAQs

My book club is reading your book. Will you visit us via Skype? 

I love meeting with book clubs! Absolutely. Contact me by email and let's set a time.

Does it cost anything? 

Of course not! I'm happy you're reading my books and would love to be your guest.

What's the process?

Drop me an email to schedule a time and date. Then, ask your book club to prepare some questions to ask me about the book and/or being a writer. Depending on what your group prefers, we'll chat for about 30 minutes. Yes, I'll definitely be jealous of all the yummy book club snacks that you're all eating! 



Contact Cynthia at

to schedule your Book Club today!

Skyping with a fabulous book club from Cincinnati!

Skyping with ladies from sunny Naples. I think this was during winter so of course, I envied their weather!

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