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Your road to "authordom" is fabulous​. Can you tell us about it?​​ - Barnes and Noble, April 2013

I always wanted to be a writer, but didn’t even know where to begin. When I was living in Hollywood, trying to break into the entertainment industry, my roommate convinced me to write a screenplay with her. It ended up getting optioned by a production company, along with our next script.
Around this time, my future husband moved across the country for a job. I had a huge decision to make: chase the dream in Hollywood or follow true love. I opted for the love, which was the best decision I ever made.
Since I didn’t know anyone in my new city, I spent my time writing The Whole Package. From there, I found my awesome agent and after submitting, submitting, submitting, ta-dum! I was so happy, I cried. Then, told my agent never to tell anyone that I cried.

...Is there anyone else you would be a total crazy fan girl over if you met them in person? - National Bestselling Author Sharla Lovelace, November 2012

​I think I’d probably get gaga over any author I read all the time when I was young. Judy Blume, obviously. Beverly Cleary, for sure. Ann M. Martin, no question. I'm sad that I never had the opportunity to meet Maeve Binchy. Her ability to get readers to emotionally invest in characters was enviable. 

What do you like most and least about the writing profession? - Authorlink, 2011

Nothing gets me happier than thinking that someone having a hard time or a bad day might be reading my books and suddenly, smile again. That’s such a great feeling. The thing I like the least is the idea that, because there are so many books in the world, tons of women who would love reading The Whole Package or Marriage Matters might not ever even know they exist! Getting the word out is the biggest challenge. I always ask my readers to please tell five women they know about the book - I couldn't do it without them!




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