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Reviews for Marriage Matters


Romantic Times Book Reviews, 4.5 Gold   

Ellingsen's latest is not all happy brides and sweet-smelling roses, and that's exactly what makes this novel fun, realistic and unique. Readers will be caught by surprise as the author fulfills all expectations early on, then throws twists into each woman's story. At times, this novel is so overwhelmingly romantic that it will bring genuine tears to readers' eyes, while numerous other parts will have them chuckling out loud. Lastly, the messages conveyed in regards to family intervention are tasteful and wholly familiar. Readers will enjoy every minute of their time with this very memorable and sweet novel.


Publisher's Weekly​

Ellingsen (The Whole Package) offers a delightful, romantic tale of three generations of women all seeking love and affirmation, following a joint bouquet-catch at a family wedding. Psychology grad student Chloe’s hectic schedule of classes, internship, and work doesn’t allow her time to date or even to hang out much with her best friend, Ben. When a high-profile psychologist she admires asks her on a date, she is suddenly out of her comfort zone...Readers will enjoy the comical wedding-planning journey and relate to characters who talk like actual people and deal with realistic relationship ups and downs.


... Ellingsen creates dynamic characters who are lovable, resilient, compassionate, and embroiled in a whole lot of family drama that readers will find themselves completely wrapped up in.

Praise for The Whole Package






The Whole Package is a delightfully frivolous romp. An excellent beach read, this light but enjoyable fare will have you chuckling (and likely blushing!) throughout. The three main characters have believable relationships with ups and downs, adding a touch of reality to what would otherwise be a purely silly story.​​​

Romantic Times Book Review

Publisher's Weekly

In Ellingsen's debut, three lifelong friends—Jackie, Cheryl and Doris—reunite and start a business together. Cheryl, the high-powered marketing executive, is unceremoniously fired from her job because she has information against her boss. Jackie, the wealthy widow, finds her freewheeling Parisian life called to a halt when she runs out of funds. Doris' placid suburban existence ends when her husband confesses to an affair with his high school girlfriend and then leaves her. Out of money and options, the women treat themselves to a ladies' night out at a male strip club. The next morning, they resolve to start their own Hooters-style restaurant staffed by handsome men and catering to women, and name it "The Whole Package." When the opening goes awry, the women are convinced that their lives are ruined. Their friendship is in jeopardy until Doris has an ingenious plan to revamp the restaurant, which heals their friendship and saves their bank accounts. Ellingsen takes a trite concept and makes it inexplicably hysterical... Readers will giggle and grin from start to finish, and will surely be eager for Ellingsen's next novel. (Aug.)

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